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Autumn Photoshoot

We were supposed to do this photoshoot last Sunday, but the weather was horrible, so we had to cancel. But yesterday, the weather was great, all the parties were available and it only took a couple of messages and half an hour later we were in business!

Many thanks to Laura, Grace, Lucy and Jasmine for being patient with the setup of the photos, lights and other boring stuff.

All in all it was a fun photoshoot and we got some nice photos.

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Rachel and Richard Photoshoot

A nice relaxed photoshoot with Rachel and Richard! It was a joy working with them!

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10k Race

I ran another 10k race last Sunday. Read all about it in my charity blog, however, here are a couple of photos of me finishing. Although you probably couldn’t tell from the photos, I really enjoyed it!!

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24 Hour Tennis Marathon!

Last weekend I took part in a 24 Hour Tennis Marathon at the Duston United Tennis Club in support of Cancer Research UK. A great experience that was both enjoyable and quite tiring. Most people that took part had to play around 15-16 hours of tennis between Saturday 9.30am and Sunday 9.30am. We managed to raise over £1200 and donations are still coming in. You can use our Just Giving page if you’d like to make a donation.

The event was organised by Ollie, a club member, who did a great job! The club also organised a couple more events in support of Cancer Research UK.

On a personal note, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of my brother’s and mother’s death so a few months ago I decided to do my bit and take part in some sponsored races as well as donate part of my fee to my two chosen charities, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and Cancer Research UK. You can read all about my efforts to get fit and my races here.

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Quick photoshoot

Tim Thomas, a Thai Boxing world champion, needed some promo pictures for his upcoming fight in Germany, so we did a mini photoshoot after training last night. A couple of the other guys joined in as well.